The Coyote Behind The Keyboard

I suppose the first question that might come to mind is “why Coyote?” (Well, okay, it’s the first question that would come to my mind in seeing the name “CoyoteFit”, anyway!)

The short answer is because Coyote is important to me. He is the epitome of finding the humor in life, even when life sucks. Especially when life sucks, because that is when we need laughter the most.

He is also all about learning from mistakes, and being able to recognize those lessons when they smack you upside the head. I love the story on this page about the author’s first Coyote lesson, about taking things so seriously that we can’t even see how ridiculous we are being.

In my case, though, it took me a lot longer to realize how dumb I was being… and that was only after an extended period of beating myself to a bloody pulp over how much I sucked because I was such a worthless failure.

For me, the ultimate goal of this journey is to enjoy it. Hence “CoyoteFit” – to remind myself to have fun with it. If it’s not fun, then it’s not worth it, because life is too damn short to take anything too seriously.

If you’re more interested in “Who is BlackberryCoyote?” then that’s a much shorter and not quite as entertaining answer – I’m a 42 year old woman living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas, USA, with my two Mini Schnauzers. The past few years I’ve been trying to be more active and healthy, with varying degrees of success. I’m a world-champion procrastinator with motivational issues and a sense of humor that’s half a bubble off plumb. In my spare time I belly dance and sing karaoke (occasionally at the same time).


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