Subliminal success story

When I got my smartphone a couple weeks ago, I ordered a subliminal weight loss audiobook on Audible. I wanted it more for the Guided Meditation for Relaxation portion, since that is something I’m trying to get better with as a way to help reduce my stress levels and improve my sleep habits.

The audio is definitely helping with the sleep part – the thing is 40 minutes long, and I’m usually asleep by the first 10 minutes. I don’t even know how the whole recording sounds. But I have noticed some changes in my eating habits the past couple of days, and I’m thinking they’re a combination of conscious effort and subliminal reinforcement.

As an example, today I decided to finally go see The Hobbit at a local mall, and decided to have lunch before the movie at Dave & Buster’s. All the way up to the mall, all I was thinking about was how delicious a big, juicy burger would taste. But when I got hold of the menu, even though the pictures looked good, I ended up going with the “Sweet Apple Pecan Salad with Grilled Chicken” minus the pecans. It was really delicious, and according to MyFitnessPal, only 320 calories. I looked at the dessert menu, thinking that since I had saved so many calories on the meal, I could get something else. But none of it really even sound good (even though the Banana Fosters Pie looked incredible).

Even at the movie I ended up just getting a small popcorn, a Diet Coke, and a bottle of water. No Whoppers. No Raisinets. No Gobstoppers. No candy of any sort to mindlessly munch during a three hour movie (which could have been about 20 minutes shorter and been a somewhat better movie, in my opinion). Because it simply didn’t sound good.

On the way out of the mall I stopped by the cupcake shop – I’ve had a thing about cupcakes lately, thinking that they would be a good way for me to get an occasional sweet tooth fix with built-in portion control, even though I haven’t actually had any cupcakes since last April. Okay, so maybe getting a variety six-pack isn’t exactly “built-in portion control”, but after eating only one I felt like I was overdosing on sugar, and the other five are sitting in their box on the kitchen counter for later enjoyment.

I don’t have to eat them all in one day. I don’t. And it’s kind of neat to look at the box on the counter and not want any.

Even tonight for dinner, I ended up going with baked tilapia stuffed with spinach and feta cheese. I had thought that pasta sounded good, but when I got rooting around the kitchen, I went with fish instead. This is not normal for me. But it feels good, at least for today.

I wonder if there is a subliminal audio recording for exercise motivation?


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