What’s that white stuff?

This morning I woke to a half inch of snow on the ground. Normally when we have snow in the forecast, the weatherpeople in Dallas go ballistic and it’s huge news the night before. To be fair, I don’t know if they covered this morning’s snowfall on the news, because I was too busy with TEAM Strength Training and homework to watch the news.

The strength training was challenging. Obviously they went easy on us last week to sucker us in during “Free Week”… but it was all good, even though I was cursing it out while in the middle of the Wall Sit and the Triceps Dips. Note to self – do NOT save those exercises for the end of the rotation. START on those stations and get them over with before the fatigue starts setting in!

It helped that I got a compliment from the trainer on my Wall Sit. I had never done them before, or at least heard them called that – basically it’s bending your legs to a seated position, with your back up against a wall, and staying there with nothing under your butt. The quads start to burn after a very short period of time! So when he said I was doing great on them and even asked “You haven’t done these before?” because I was holding the form for the full 45 seconds, it was a bit of a boost. And it made up for the fact that my Triceps Dips sucked.

Then again, I know I have good leg strength and poor upper body strength – it’s one of the things that I’m trying to fix before the obstacle race in May!


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