Getting in the zone

(Do I lose Janathon points for posting twice in the same day?)

Tonight was my first day of Cardio with the TEAM group. I have a treadmill and have been using it off and on for about a year and a half now, and I know I have better endurance on it now than I did when I first got it… even if it does still spend too much time doubling as a clothes hanger.

I have a heartrate monitor but rarely use it, because the chest strap is just so darned uncomfortable. But considering the experience I had tonight with Zone training, I’m going to have to get used to wearing it, because I can see how it can be a very useful tool. When I got off the treadmill tonight, I had gone 42 minutes and 2.2 miles, and was less tired or worn out than when I go shorter times and lower mileages on my treadmill at home. The reason? I think it’s because I am pushing myself harder at home than we were in this class, and I am spending more time in a higher heart rate zone than I should be.

I’m sure that because this was an “intro” class they took it easy on us, but my goal is more to lose the fat that I have gained. Yeah, it would be nice to build my endurance to the point that I can do long distance running – the day I can run a 5K without stopping is going to be HUGE – but getting rid of the extra fat is more important in the short term, I think.

I’m looking at heartrate monitors that go on the wrist, hopefully at some point I can find one that’s not so stupidly uncomfortable.


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