That wasn’t so bad

So tonight I finally got to the gym for Day One of TEAM Fitness. Tonight was strength training. After a warm up on the treadmills, we did circuit training on the weight machines for about 45 minutes, followed by a stretching cool down.

I didn’t feel like I was “doing much” because I intentionally kept the weights light – the last thing I wanted to do was screw up and hurt something on the first night! I started feeling it at the end of the circuit, though, and when I went out to my car and tried to break into a short jog to get out of someone’s way, I couldĀ really feel it in my thighs and quads.

The hour also went by really really fast, which was surprising, and kind of awesome for this short-attention-span gal!

My shoulders are weak, so I’ll be interested to see how that improves over the next several sessions. I’m going to do this for three weeks, then take a break during “My schedule is insane” February, then commit to three months starting March 1. Have I said that already? Probably. But saying it again reinforces it to me. If I say it often enough, it will become reality.

I can do this!!


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