Bring on the dancing girls!

I missed exercising yesterday, but I did take the stairs multiple times since my brain freeze sent me back to my office from my car at least twice on Friday. Urgh.

Today was better. I did a fitness assessment at the gym, and while my numbers are nowhere near where I want them to be, I did do a lot more push ups than I thought I would be able to. Double-edged sword. On the one hand, “Yay! I did a lot more push ups than I thought I could!” On the other, “Okay, I can do a lot more push ups than I thought I could, so quit slacking and start pushing, darn it!”

And today was the first day back to belly dance class since before Christmas. We drilled on walking chest circles and hagallas. Yeah, my lower back realizes it’s been out of class for a couple-three weeks! I need to get better definition in my chest circles, but the hip slide for the hagalla is still in good shape, and I keep forgetting just how much I enjoy dancing.

Today I also signed up for MyFitnessPal, and finally took the jump and bought a smartphone. I have a two-week trial on the device, so I’ll see if I learn to like the keyboard enough to keep it. It will be handy having MFP on the phone so I can keep real-time track of my food and exercise, hopefully that will be instant gratification enough to keep me focused.


One thought on “Bring on the dancing girls!

  1. Yay on the phone and the MFP! I absolutely love the app, even though I’m mostly using it for trying to maintain at the moment. I’d have to say it has been one of the bigger things for me on keeping me going. Keep up the good work, sis!

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