1… 2… 1… 3…

One step back, two steps forward. One step back, three steps forward. Or something like that. The net effect is still progress, although much slower than it could be. That’s kind of how I’m feeling at the moment.

I felt pretty good yesterday after the 5K, but made the mistake (and for me it is a mistake) of not doing much for the rest of the day aside from staying on the couch and watching episodes of NCIS. I should have realized when my neck started hurting that it was a bad idea, but that didn’t stop me in my stubbornness. If only I were this stubborn when it came to physical activity…

The upshot is that this morning I woke up with a doozy of a headache, as in a “don’t move too fast or you’ll throw up” headache. There has been a flu bug or something going around the office, and I was hoping I hadn’t come down with it. A few hours later I was feeling better, courtesy of some ginger ale and Advil, so hopefully I have dodged that bullet.

I decided to take it easy on the exercise thing this evening, settling for some push ups and a bunch of stretching. Tomorrow there is another Studio Cycle class at the gym. It starts at six – the plan is to get out of work a little early and head straight there. Let’s see how that works out…


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