One down, how many to go?

CommitmentDay5KThis morning it was 40 degrees, overcast, breezy, with an occasional drizzle. Remind me again why I thought doing a 5K this morning was a good idea? Oh, that’s right – because it actually was fun, all things considered!

There were a lot of people who came out and braved the weather – everything from seasoned runners, to families with toddlers and strollers, to folks with their dogs, to people who looked like they were participating in their first event ever. It was a really good way to encourage people to get up, get out, and just move, and I intend to make this an annual event for me.

"We're on a bridge, Charlie!"

“We’re on a bridge, Charlie!”

I think I came in at right around 42:00 – I evidently need to learn how to hit the “Stop” button on my watch. I was feeling pretty good throughout, even though at Mile 2 I was having the “Why the hell am I doing this to myself?” conversation in my head again. The next one is in 11 days (I had signed up for it long before I even knew about the Commitment Day 5K), so even though that one is chip timed, I don’t know how hard I am going to push myself for it. But how can I resist something called the “Jiggle Butt Run”?

As for tomorrow’s activity, the gym has a “Slow Burn Yoga” class in the evening. If it’s anything like the yoga warm-up that they had at the 5k this morning, I think I’m going to enjoy it.


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