Janathon is almost here!

So here it is, New Year’s Eve 2012, and I’m spending it by sitting on the couch and overdosing on pizza and ice cream. And drinking Diet Coke ’cause, well, you know – I’m trying to be healthier and everything.

Seriously, though (although unfortunately I am serious about the pizza and ice cream), this was not my plan for New Year’s Eve. I was going to go see a movie. Probably The Hobbit. Except on my way home from work I was already so terrified of the idiot drivers on the road that I didn’t dare imagine what they would be like after they started drinking, so I decided to stay home. Besides, I have a 5K in the morning. So I came home and crashed on the couch with my Mini Schnauzers, Rosati’s, Ben & Jerry’s (curse you, Stephen Colbert, for your irresistible Americone Dream!), and NCIS. And a Diet Coke.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to be in the low 40s (which is something like 4-6 degrees Celsius – since I seem to be getting visitors from the UK I had to look up the math), windy, and maybe a little rainy. But I am not going to wuss out on the Commitment Day 5K. I’m not. I promise! I even went and bought some warmer jogging pants and an UnderArmour long-sleeved shirt thingy in the hopes of not having the excuse of being cold. I don’t do mornings. I don’t like cold. I moved to Texas from Chicago for a reason! Do I sound like I’m whining? I guess I am, maybe a little. But I’m not going to wuss out on going. I need to have something to write about tomorrow!

I signed up for Janathon (click the handy blue icon on the right for more information) as a way to encourage me to not only make activity a daily thing during the next 31 days, but also to be active on this blog. I tend to trail abandoned blogs behind me like breadcrumbs, so having a defined goal with a definite time frame will hopefully keep this one from meeting a premature end. By the end of January, the activity and the blogging will have had a chance to become a habit, and then I can go on to the next goal!


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