Psych Out

Okay, not the most auspicious start. I went out to karaoke with some friends last night, and while I was successful in winning the internal food war (I went with the wedge salad with dressing on the side instead of the fried cheesy appetizer goodness that looked sooooooo yummy…!), getting home at 3 in the morning kind of shot my “getting up in time to go to Studio Cycling Class this morning” plan.


But today is another day. I have a treadmill and I’m not afraid to use it!!

Meal-wise is going much better today. I made some “Presto Primavera” for lunch, divvied out the other 3 servings for later and put them in the fridge before even starting to eat, and am pleasantly full without the temptation of going back to the leftovers. Combine that with having oatmeal for breakfast and I’m feeling pretty good about that side of things at the moment.

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, and there are no open classes at the gym after about 1pm. Bummer. I’ll have to wait till later this week to jump into a class, but I will be in a class by Friday!


3 thoughts on “Psych Out

  1. Figuring out what food works for me, what doesn’t and how much of any of that was probably the biggest thing for me. I’m kind of shocked at how little I’ve actually change other than a few substitutions in my “staple” meals and portion sizes, yet I’m still able to keep on track. I also do way better by putting up what I’m not planning on eating right then so I’m not tempted to back for more since it is still sitting out. Now if I can get back into the exercise mindset, but you know me… I gotta have my pool for that.

    • I’m about to get a smartphone and one of the first apps will be a food journal. I do so much better at planning and portion control if I see the numbers instead of just eyeballing it and guessing. I’m also trying to find more fun in cooking again – the trainer at LTF gave me some guidelines about my nutrition balance that I’m going to try for a while and see if I feel a difference.

      • Of all the apps I’ve used, the My Fitness Pal app is probably my favorite and I think is available on almost all phone types. I think one of the things I love so much is how versatile it is and it is really easy to input recipes and save entire meals. It saves so much time and is so easy. For someone as inherently lazy as I am, easy is a must. If you do decide to get it, I think there is a way to connect with friends as well so you can also get support and encouragement that was as well. Whatever you do, I know you will succeed because you are awesome that way. 😀

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