Starting at the very beginning

Today I went in for my initial meeting with a trainer at LTF. We talked for about an hour, talking about goals, nutrition, exercise, and paths to get there.

For the record, my goals for this year are:

  1. To lose between 15-20 pounds by the end of February
  2. To maintain that weight loss through the end of the year
  3. To beat my current 5K “best time” of 42:17
  4. To complete all obstacles at the Diva Dash on May 25 without skipping any
  5. To be competitive in the Buschwhacked Mud Run in early November

I go in on Wednesday for the true physical assessment and metabolic screening, although I am going in tomorrow to try the Studio Cycle class.

While I was there today, I learned more about the “Commitment Day 5K” on New Year’s Day in downtown Dallas (and cities across the country). The person I met with said she and a group of her class students were going to participate and mostly walk it, and since it starts at 10am, I signed up for it.

I also started journaling my food again. That is, quite possibly, the most depressing part of this – the stuff I’m putting into my body without being conscious of it. I did have oatmeal this morning, and am going to have a wedge salad for dinner tonight, but thought that meant I could “splurge” a bit at lunch. Um, not so much. But it will get better. It will!!


4 thoughts on “Starting at the very beginning

  1. Good luck! Set yourself some smaller goals along the way to your big ones – it’ll make it that much more rewarding when you have something to celebrate along the way.

  2. It does get better. It also gets easier. But you already know that. I wish like crazy that we were closer and I’d participate in some of this with you and help kick your butt when you needed it. I’ll just have to settle for the virtual encouragement and cheering you on.

    • Thanks! It’s funny how I can be “on” for so long, then completely fall off the wagon to the point that it circles around and runs me over a couple of times before it gets through my head that I need to make changes again. Life is an ongoing project!!

      • This holiday season has me struggling with maintaining, but I’m determined to keep it up after the first of the year. Knowing the time of year, though, I may actually have to push that goal back until the middle of January after Middle Child’s birthday and mine. 😉

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